Drinking water exposed to sunlight for hours

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Both water and sunlight are important components required for the proper functioning of the body. It is often said that drinking water exposed to sunlight can increase your energy and rejuvenate your body.


On the other hand, drinking water from water bottles exposed to the sun has a negative effect on the body. It is due to the presence of the industrial chemical BPA or bisphenol-A in plastics, which is harmful to the body. While most plastic water bottles don’t contain this chemical, BPA is found in polycarbonate bottles. Another adverse effect on drinking water exposed to the sun is that it can increase the growth of harmful bacteria, depending on the species, due to the extreme heat from the sun.

A study published in the journal Food Chemistry investigated the effects of sunlight exposure on chemical migration in PET-bottled waters. The researchers used PET-bottled normal water and carbonated water. The bottled waters were exposed to sunlight and examined on days 2, 6 and 10. The result was that PET-bottled normal water posed no harmful effects when exposed to sunlight, as no aldehydes were detected. But, the carbonated water had developed certain harmful effects on exposure to sunlight. Because the carbon dioxide in the water fuelled the chemical migration


However, another study conducted by researchers at Arizona State University in 2008 showed how extreme levels of heat increased the release of antimony (a regulated contaminant) in PET bottles. The National Institute of Health (NIH) states that extreme doses of antimony can be toxic. The researchers examined the antimony leaching at different temperatures. During summers, the temperature inside of cars, enclosed storage areas, and garages can rise to 65 degrees Celsius (in Arizona), which can promote antimony leaching from PET bottles. But, only a small amount of the antimony in PET bottles was released into the water. In 2014, scientists found high levels of antimony and BPA in PET water bottles in China. And in 2016, researchers found high traces of antimony in water bottles in Mexico. For both the studies, the water was tested in conditions that exceeded 65 degrees Celsius, resulting in worse problems.

According to the International Bottled Water Association, bottled water should be kept in the same conditions as groceries. To be on the safer side, drinking water from plastic bottles can cause a host of health problems. So, the alternative way is to drink water from copper, steel or glass bottles as they possess certain health benefits.

Quick Ways to Relieve a Headache You Can Practice Everywhere

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Nearly half the adult human population experiences a headache at least once a year, according to this study. There are many types of headaches like migraines, cluster headaches and those that arise due to tension, problems with eyesight or sinuses. Those caused by tension are the most common and affect about 1.6 billion people.


Since a headache doesn’t warn you before coming and can start anytime and anywhere, Fast Escrow Refills has made a list of  techniques you can use to get rid of it.


Temperature therapy

Taking a warm shower helps to relax tense muscles and can relieve a headache. But you might not always have the time to take a shower, in that case using hot compresses might help as well.


Massaging the Union Valley

How to locate: These points are located on the web formed between your thumb and index finger.


Locate the area and continuously pinch it firmly, but painfully for about 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds, release the pinch and massage this area using the thumb of your other hand by moving it in a circular motion. Move clockwise for 10 seconds and then counterclockwise for the next 10 seconds.

Repeat this process on your opposite hand.

This acupressure point is helpful in relieving tension in the head and neck which is often associated with headaches.


Massaging the Drilling Bamboo point

How to locate: These points are located on either side of the nose at the trough where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of the eyebrows.



Use your index fingers to apply firm pressure on both sides simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

Release the pressure and repeat.

Applying pressure to these points is effective in relieving headaches caused by eyestrain and sinus.


Massaging the Shoulder Well location

How to locate: The Shoulder Well is located between the shoulder point and the base of your neck.



Using your thumb, massage this location on your left side by moving the thumb in a circular motion for about 1 minute.

After 1 minute, do the same on the right side.

It relieves stiffness in the neck and shoulders and thereby any headache arising due to it.


Rubbing the Pupil Bone Hole

How to locate: It is located in the outer corner of each eye.



Use your index and middle fingers to gently rub this point on both sides of the eyes simultaneously until you feel relief.

It helps to relieve pain associated with a migraine.


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6 Best Foods to Eat in the Morning for Effective Weight Loss

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Breakfast is supposed to be eaten like a king, and this is because kings like to feast. Feasting on breakfast can help you to lose weight, and needless to say, it also re-fuels your body after a night of sleep. Start early in the day if you want to lose weight. It is particularly important to have a good breakfast if you want to shed some kilos. It keeps you full throughout the day and at the same time your energy levels do not drop. Bear in mind the purpose of eating these foods early in the morning.

The following are some foods you should eat in the morning to help in losing weight:

Whole Grain Foods

Many whole grain breakfast foods are available that are high in fiber. It is important that you ensure that the whole grain packaged food you are consuming has high fiber content too. Fiber is the substance that allows you to feel full while keeping the calorie count down, and you do not feel like munching all through the day. Oatmeal, whole-wheat bread and many portions of cereal are foods rich in fiber and help you lose weight.


A number of flavours can be mixed with yogurt to make delicious and nutritious morning food. The Yogurt should be low in fat for it to be any good for your purpose. Moreover, the calcium content of yogurt can promote weight loss. Mix your yogurt with fruits or granola for different flavours.


You can have fruits at any time in the day but they are more effective as weight loss food when taken in the morning. Having simpler carbohydrates than other foods, fruits can be processed for energy much more easily in the body. This gives you the necessary fuel for working the whole day as well as working as appetite suppressant since one of the major constituents of fruit is water. You do not feel like having something to eat all the time during the day.


The first thing you should do after getting up in the morning is to drink a glass of cool water. This would help to work as filler throughout the day and prevent the cravings for munching. Having water early in the morning also has other very good health benefits. Having 6 to 8 glasses of water daily would help a lot in weight loss. It should start by having it first in the morning.


When you think of breakfast, the first thing that comes to your mind is these little oval nutritious food. Eggs are a healthy source of protein and nutrients like vitamin D, and the best way to eat them is boiled so that you can avoid frying it in oil.

Almond butter

If you do not eat eggs and other dairy products then you could also opt for almond butter which is an excellent source of protein and is also full of monounsaturated fat. Plus to add to that this is a delicious spread that you can opt for with your whole grain bread. On the nutrition front, you can compare almond butter with peanut butter, and almond butter has slightly less saturated fat.

Breakfast is the essential meal of your day this is because after a whole night of fasting you need food to refuel your body. If you do not eat breakfast you are depriving your body of important nutrients. Weight loss is a difficult thing to pull off, do the right things to get to your goal.



Kill Anxiety with these simple Tricks

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The sudden feeling of fear, nervousness, and an unexplained unease with or without a reason is often categorised as anxiety. Apart from medical help, there are many tricks and tips to ease anxiety attacks in minutes. If you too are suffering from anxiety attacks, you can try these effective tricks to kill anxiety.


Accept it

First of all, do not deny that you are anxious about something. Accept the fact that there is something bothering you, do not fight it. Fighting or resisting will only make it worst.  Just sit and talk to yourself. Tell yourself that it will pass and things will change.

Distract yourself

Although it is quite a difficult task to get out of anxiety attacks but still if one successfully manages, the anxiety can ease down in minutes. If you are experiencing an anxiety attack, try walking out of that place or situation that you think has contributed to the anxiety attack. Just start watching some funny videos, take a walk, do anything that usually calms you down. Watching something funny or something that can keep you hooked is usually the best method.

Vent out

Venting out is the best technique to calm down. An outlet always helps. If you suppress your anxiety, it will only grow. Suppose you are at work and suddenly you are anxious, you cannot vent out at anyone in that situation. Call someone up, someone closer to you and vent out to them. Sometimes crying and talking are two best modes of venting out.


It is another effective way to calm down. Go to the nearest salon; get a head and body massage, manicure/pedicure. Just close your eyes and relax. Nothing works better than a self-care regimen.

Few General Questions Which You Need To Know!

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Some general questions which arises before purchasing hcg products.

Why Should one opt for Injections?

Hcg injections are much more effective than hcg drops, the reason  is obvious as the hormone when injected directly it starts showing his effects. As we all knows when any thing which mix directly with blood, shows faster effects.

How should I store my HCG syringes and bottles?

what we advice is to keep both bottles and syringe in cool place or refrigerator. This will avoid the infection of needles and increase the life of the hormone.

I have heard that hcg injections can be infectious?

If you are purchasing a product from a local dealer who Is not registered. Then this type of case arises mostly, go for the one which is registered. This will give better results. Sometimes its just a matter or quality.

Do I need Medical Attention while on the HCG Diet?

Yeah, if you are still using drops over injections and hoping it will gonna give faster result, it is not possible. You surely need proper medical advice in order to prevent any other side effects.


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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

New year is a day, to tune the rhythm called SOUL, with best chords called EXPERIENCES and play the guitar called LIFE!


HCG Weight Loss With Fast Escrow Refills

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Though used famously for infertility treatment, hcg is currently used for weight loss. Naturally produced by female placenta during normal pregnancy, it causes ovulation and is highly effective in motivating women to become pregnant.

However, few of the below products are currently used for treating obesity and other overweight issues. Followed with 500 calorie diet, you can choose from the following products.

  • Ovidac
  • Sifasi
  • Corlon
  • Fertigyn
  • Proficen
  • Ovulate

They contain high purity hcg hormone that can trigger healthy weight loss. You can choose between sublingual drops and hcg injections. They come with 2000IU HCG and 5000IU HCG.


These Fast escrow refills hcg injections can be self-administered easily. Inject them in any chubby area. The best place is the area below the belly button. It is easily visible and makes you administer without any difficulty.

Order any of the above with your 23 day or 46 day Fast escrow refills kit and enhance your weight loss procedure.

Usually, many prefer hcg injections since they are quite effective in delivering the results. But if you are afraid of getting shot, go with sub-lingual drops.

Using Fast escrow refills hcg injections has many benefits

  • Easy to self administer
  • Saves $1000 which you pay for your doctor for getting a shot
  • Less waste of energy and time waiting at clinic
  • Cheap hcg injection kits available online that includes everything you need for a shot
  • Budget friendly price for Fast escrow refills hcg injections compared to other online pharmacies
  • Works faster and effective than hcg drops or pellets
  • Fast Escrow Refills offers FREE SHIPPING when ordered above $200
  • Prescription and non-prescription choices available

HCG Weight Loss With Fast Escrow Refills

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