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The Best place to purchase HCG injections without prescription

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While most websites will ask you a lot of questions and get them evaluated by a doctor, there are stores online which deliver the best hcg injections and ampules without any prescription. These injections are pharmacy grade, tested and highly approved by customers and a few doctors too. 

The price for these injections are affordable and you could to some extent call these cheap hcg injections. Cutting down the cost of prescription and providing the service has made these hcg injection vendors act like regular stores. 

You could purchase a range of hcg injections from Corion, Ovidac and more at these stores without any prescription. There are injection kits available too. Always remember when you HCGpharmacy.com to check out for reviews.

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Quality : Quality is the first thing. Check out the ingredients. You will want to know how much of hcg goes into it. The purity is based on the quantity. With less than 10%, many companies claim to be the best purest hcg Injection in the market.

Support : When it comes to hcg and weight loss, you need all the support you can get. Inspiration on one side, the support when you are not losing weight after doing all the right thing is more important. There should be genuine people to tell you what to do if you are stuck!


Where To Buy Quality HCG Injections online?

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Where To Buy Quality HCG Injections online

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My hCG Diet Before and After

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For women, with 10+ lbs to lose, I suggest the 46 day program, with less than 10 lbs to lose, the 23 day program. People lose at different rates depending how much weight there is to be lost, and the state of your hormones (ie thyroid) so this is a good rule of thumb to make sure you have enough for what you want to accomplish. For men, 20+ lbs to lose, purchase the 46 day program, and with less than 20 lbs to lose, purchase the 23 day program.



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