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Revia (Vivitrol)(Naltrexone)

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Revia (Vivitrol)(Naltrexone)

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revia_finalThe use of Revia is able to block the effects of heroin and that of narcotic derivates in general. The generic medical term for this product is Naltrexone hydrochlorid. It can be purchased in several types of dosage forms. For further information about this medication, please consult your local pharmacist or the product’s label.

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Revia Indications

This medical product can be employed in order to help patients who had been addicted to opiates maintain a medication-free clinical state. It is effective if the intake of Revia is adjacent to the attending of behavior adjustment medical programs; a patient can start using this product only after he or she finishes the needed detoxification routines. The use of Revia can also prove very useful in the therapy of alcoholism. Your medical provider can help you determine whether you would benefit from the use of this clinical product or not. Do not hesitate to seek his or her help.


Revia Warnings

Patients who currently suffer from a dependency to narcotics must not be allowed to start a therapy course with Revia. Before a patient can engage into such a therapy course, he or she must provide the medical prescriber with sufficient data about his or her clinical history (special caution has to be given to patients who suffer from liver medical conditions, from allergies to certain substances and to those who have been addicted to any type of drugs).

Before a patient is allowed to start using Revia, he or she must discuss with their personal medical provider all the risks and benefits that are associated with such a therapy course. The inappropriate use of this medication can lead to coma, severe injury and several lethal conditions. Pregnant females and breast-feeding mothers should avoid (as much as possible) the use of Revia, for the safety of the fetus and that of the nursing infant.

Revia Intake Guidelines

After your medical provider decides that you would benefit from a therapy course with Revia, he or she will carefully instruct you concerning the adequate way in which you are to employ your prescribed doses of this product. In case you did not thoroughly understand all of your physician’s directions concerning this matter you should seek further medical guidance (your pharmacist, a nurse or your PD can provide you with the needed information). In most cases, a patient can take his or her doses of Revia only under strict clinical supervision.

Revia Dosage

The use of Revia will lead to maximum benefits only if you take your doses of this product exactly how your physician has instructed you to. This means that you should not alter your prescribed dosing routine – the amount of medication that you are supposed to take per day. Only your medical prescriber can modify your daily dosage of Revia. Refer to him or her if you suspect that you need to employ a different dose of this product per day (if you feel that your therapy is not working properly).


Revia Overdose

A set of severe clinical consequences have been associated with cases of over-dosage with this type of medication. Therefore, we recommend all patients who suspect to be suffering from such a medical condition to immediately seek the required medical attention. If you decide to go to the nearest medical center in order to be given the needed clinical support for your medical status, you should take your pack of Revia along with you.

Revia Side Effects

Several unpleasant side effects have been associated with the use of Revia. For example, several patients who had been treated with this medication complained of anxiety, trouble sleeping, nausea, nervousness, stomach upset, muscle pain, and so on. However, not all patients who are following a therapy with Revia are to suffer from any of these effects, as most of them only rarely occur.

Revia Drug Reactions

The effects of your therapy course with Revia may be shadowed by the use of other medical remedies, including that of simple dietary supplements. In order to avoid this, you should consult with your medical prescriber and make sure that the medicines that you are currently taking or that you intend to use will not interact with your regular therapy wit

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