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Fast Escrow Refills HCG Diet for weight loss requires proper HCG diet plan. the person who is under HCG diet needs to follow all its dietary rules for proper effective results. HCG Diet injections have been shown to raise blood levels of HCG with a lower dosage of HCG than drops, pills or sprays. The reason for this is that injections place the HCG directly into the bloodstream where other forms of HCG must go through the digestion process, which loses some of the potency before entering the blood. Fat in the body is due to muscle break down.

Why HCG Diet is important? During most diets and fads, any prominent and immediate weight loss is due to a drop in muscle in the body. Since muscle weighs more than fat, the loss of muscle looks impressive on the scale while ultimately the patient is losing exactly what is needed to truly burn fat. Not only this, but this loss of muscle is extremely hard on the physical body, shape and metabolism. Since the metabolism is slowed significantly, and fat burning muscle has been lost, the dieter will inevitably regain the lost weight as fat tissue.

inorder to follow HCG diet you needs to obey certain rules which are as follows:
• Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods.  Foods allowed on the NEW HCG Diet, are Healthy foods.
• Portion sizes.  Never eat a portion that is larger than what you can fit in your hand.• Don’t eat more than 500 calories at a single meal.
• Always read ingredients.
• Avoid sugars.
• Avoid unhealthy fats.
• Exercise for at least 20 mins every single day.

Where To Buy HCG Injections Online

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Can I Buy HCG Injections Without a Prescription?

Good question and that depends on which site you chose to purchase injections from.  This is a bit intimidating for some, but with the new developments in telehealth, the sites here that do require a prescription are staffed by a licensed physician who will provide you with a brief intake form to complete in order to be approved to buy the injections.  These forms are short, easy to complete and provide for quick approval. In the event that the physician feels that there may not be enough information provided they will contact you for clarification, and your shipment will be on its way in no time at all.

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In the case of overseas providers, they may have different requirements before they will ship their product to you; they are also concerned with their client’s welfare and often have staff Doctors who will review a brief intake form prior to shipping.  Whether a site requires a prescription or not, should not be the only factor in your decision making process.