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Micronase (also known under the name of Glyburide) is an anti-diabetic medication which used along with a proper diet and a lot of exercises can control the high levels of sugar in the blood. This medicine stimulates the human organism to release its natural insulin.

Patients should inform their personal health care provider before beginning the treatment with Micronase if they are suffering from any medical condition, especially the following: acidosis, diabetic coma, ketones in the blood, mental stress and slow stomach emptying.

At the beginning of the treatment the doctor will prescribe you a dose of 2.5 mg to 5 mg of Micronase taken daily. People who are suffering from kidney and liver problems, adrenal and pituitary deficiency will need a special dose adjustment and will probably receive 1.25 mg per day. Your personal health care provider can increase or decrease the dose of Micronase during the treatment.

In the case in which a patient suspects that he has taken an overdose of Micronase, he should immediately contact his personal health care provider and the local poison control center. Your physician may ask you to remain in the hospital for a few days for further investigations and symptomatic treatment.

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