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Vitamin B 12 Injectable Information

Vitamin B 12 Injectable is a form of the B 12 vitamin that is synthetically made. This vitamin is vital for the organism’s cell reproduction, growth, tissue and protein synthesis and blood formation. This drug is regularly prescribed in the treatment of malabsorbtion of this vitamin, vitamin B 12 deficiency, Pernicious Anemia, etc.

Vitamin B 12 Injectable Indications

Vitamin B 12 Injectable is a popular synthetic form of this vitamin, that is mainly prescribed in order to treat various forms of B 12 deficiency. However, this medicine might also serve some other purposes that have not been listed here.

This medicine should be stored away from heat moisture and direct sunlight. Do not keep it in the bathroom or anywhere near the kitchen sink. Vitamin B 12 Injectable should be kept in a place that is far from the reach of pets and children in order to avoid unwanted (and possibly dangerous) accidents such as poisoning.


Ask your physician to tell you the dose of Vitamin B 12 Injectable that works best for you. Do not make any adjustments to the dose that your personal physician has prescribed you without his or her consent. You must not take extra doses of this drug without your doctor’s consent. The correct dosage of this medicine can vary from one patient to another, as it depends on the severity of the disorder, the patient’s age, sex, general heath condition, etc.

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